The Space Flu

It turns out that my worst enemy isn’t a Caldurian Poacher or nest full of Zimdims. I woke up this morning sneezing and coughing. Despite being impervious to trampling, smashing, bites, gashes, slicing, dicing, acid baths, lasotron blasts, lava, and being digested by Pekka, I was laid low by the common Space Flu.


What time is it? Are we there yet? Oh, we’re still far away, we haven’t even reached Kuiper belt yet. What a relief! I keep having nightmares that I don’t wake up in time to discover “little blue” first, and the others end up having lots of fun without me. It would be super unfair if Mikko discovers the planet first!

Quantum physics is like surrealism gone weirder

The thing I miss most during long space missions is the atmosphere

A molecule is a gang of atoms

More worries…

As the distance between our ship and “little blue” diminishes, the amount of variables to consider rises like an avalanche ready to destroy everything in its path.


As “little blue” draws near my brain has become more and more restless. What if my calculations are wrong and we can’t stand the gravity of this little blue planet? I mean, the calculations must be correct, but still…no Jörg has been this far away from home.

Even though they just happen inside your head, dreams are way more plausible than quantum physics

Alarms all over! AAGGGHH!!!! Next time I’ll try to stay away from doors that say AUTHORIZED PERSONAL ONLY

As an intergalactic pilot I’m entitled to hate the question: Are we there yet?!?!


I’m not the one saying that this journey to “little blue” will grant me every scientific honor there is on our beloved Jörg…that is what every journalist back at home is saying! And they are correct by the way, what we are doing IS pretty amazing indeed.

Science is standardized magic

With the SWINK I can control the ship directly with my mind, it’s feels like having a giant pet made out of steel and power

This escape pod is really awesome, it even has a a nice shiny lever! I wonder what it does… AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH

Zero G

With the Swink I can control not only the movements of the ship but also a wide range of it’s internal functions if I need or want to. Granted, controlling the garbage chute or the wipers can be and extremely dull task but being in charge of the Gravity Generator?

Keep it clean

We are now just a couple millions of kilometers away from our goal, the planet code named “little blue”, yet everyone keeps making a fuss about it: “Are we there yet?” “Does this ship have a turbo button?”

Look! A time machine!

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