Why alien invasions are rare…

If we’ve done our calculations correctly, we should be landing on a series of islands where the temperature is warm and balmy all year long and where forests of plants grow in abundance. It sounds beautiful.


We’re getting closer and closer to “little blue”, the code name for our destination. I’ve slept poorly through most of our journey, tossing and turning, worrying about the safety of our crew, stressing out about our mission.


As we passed by Milo, I needed an excuse to stop by the planet for my scheduled “acquisition” of the Star of Milo. I managed to get the ship to dock in Milo’s spaceport Menice, by creating some reports of “Caldurian poaching expeditions”.

Hopeless Dreamers

Our crew is made up of the hopeless group of dreamers that you find on these type of missions. I’m not sure if they are up to dealing with the inhabitants of “little blue.”

The problem with efficiency

I don’t really like the word efficient, because it usually means that we do something less nice instead, but when you are on a long term space journey like ours I guess you have to conserve water.

The new planet is warm

Ilkka says that it’s going to be WARM where we are going. I’ve never lived in a place that’s warm before. Can you imagine waking up and not having cold feet in the morning?


I almost didn’t come along on this mission, I already had a great offer to “acquire” the “the Star of Milo” on behalf of the Minestronians. High Command tried with the usual “this could be the end of our civilization if you don’t.”


I’m ready to get off this ship now, no offense Tikka, but I really need to stretch my legs, which aren’t very long, well in fact they are very short, but Ilkka says that one day I’ll be as tall as Timpa, even though everybody thinks I’m the perfect size already so it doesn’t really matter at all.

The End

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