Gonders Jörgs can really be the pits sometimes. I woke up right in the middle of the bestest nap to find the lid of my sleeping pod covered in drool. The sound of Pekka’s tongue moving across glass was probably what woke me. I felt sleepy enough to ignore it (though it was super gross), but then I remembered my stash of Blimblims*.

I like to go to sleep with nice music playing: https://t.co/4EFfD1Cm2h It makes me dream of stars and comet tails.

Following the rules is simple, the trick is deciding which rules to follow.

The way is in training.

An Experiment

I should have known better. I have no one to blame but myself. I just couldn’t help it. When I think of an experiment and I have to conduct it. I’m a scientist after all and not a philosopher. So here’s what happened. I woke up around the sixth cycle with a question flashing into my brilliant mind: how powerful could Pekka’s hunger become?


The long hibernations before landing on a planet are always hard to bear. The closer we get to our landing the more I begin to toss and turn. I wake up constantly to check on the state of the ship.

Searcher 9282c-b2d

Something BIG is brewing these days, I can feel it in my hat. Everywhere around me things are springing into action: teams are being assembled, briefs are being distributed.