I’m considering whether or not to destroy the Earthling Metropolis, just to show them we mean business, you know?

I’m cold and wet and tired of adventuring. My fur feels soggy. I want to go back to the ship.

We have tracked the Elder Jörg distress call into the Earthling Metropolis. We have evaded contact so far under the cover of darkness.

The Event

Early this morning the black lines were filled with chatter; reports were coming in from colleagues all over the world of an “event” in Southern Finland. The event occurred approximately at 5.59 (Finnish time); ground zero, two clicks away from central Helsinki in the archipelago.

Stop whatever you are doing. It’s time to SEARCH 60.17083°N 24.93750°E

No block of ice must be left unturned 60.17083°N 24.93750°E

Our ship has crashed! We’re trapped deep below the sea. Read this log to find out more: http://t.co/JYlVLjmV7r

Underneath the Sea

Our ship has crashed; there was an incident aboard the ship involving the Gonder Jörg known as Pekka. I will not go too deeply into it now, but in the future we need to develop standard procedures for how Gonder Jörgs are fed upon awaking from hypersleep, otherwise we could face more incidents of this kind in the future.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right… I’ve got this ufo crashing under my control! Zoning as we fall!

I’ve got this, OK?!? I’VE GOT THIS. Just STOP PANICKING… OK?!?!? STOP PANICKING!!!!!!!!!

(Code_translation_emergency_procedures): POWER FAILURE

The Blue Dot

Early this morning, the little explorer Jens awoke me. He had woken up earlier than the others so he would be the first to see little blue, or the “blue dot” as he called it. In my excitement in hearing the news, I didn’t even take time to brush my fur (so I look a little less dignified in the picture that Tikka’s deck recorder captured of this historic moment) or take notice of my paws moving over the cold floor.

I don’t think it’s my ego talking, but in the future people will describe mind-blowing discoveries as “MIKKONIAN” 


The planet is beautiful. It’s blue in color. Look at all the green bellow us.

Look! A time machine!

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