Failed experiment: If you mix ice and cream on a blender you do not get ice-cream, just freezing cream juice

Sometimes when I’m supposed to be out discovering the world, I end up getting distracted by things in the apartment:

An alarm clock is actually a robotic rooster

Coffee tastes like energy mixed with dirt. Another brilliant crop from earth!

After some careful investigation I discovered that at least 3 conspiracy theories involving aliens are actually correct!

According to our food expert @PekkaJorgit everything on Earth is edible, washing machines and used sneakers included


I’m writing this as I sit in the Frankfurt airport waiting for a flight to Helsinki. My flight was delayed – yet again. Air travel used to be so glamorous, what’s happened to our world? But enough about the rantings of an old spook, there has been another Searcher sighting, this time in Istanbul.

Okay, may be hot coco, is my second favorite thing. Cinnamon rolls are even better.

My new favorite thing the (known) universe is hot coco. The only bad part is when the whip cream get’s caught in my whiskers.

I had the whole situation under control. The Earthling’s didn’t even suspect that they were in fact my hostages the whole time.

We’re being chased by large number of men out on the ice. They don’t seem too friendly.

The Earthlings’ metropolis has many, many lights in it, and very big buildings. It’s beautiful.

We’ve entered an Earthling dwelling in the hopes of finding the Elder Jörg.

The End

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