Ilkka, the captain of the ship, has been selected because of his outstanding record (perfect eyesight, brilliant strategist, great dancer) and his sensitivity to issues of interplanetary immigration & colonization (his friends are scattered around three different solar systems). He gets stressed out when things go wrong and when having to give speeches in front of his crew.

Dislikes violence, destruction & reality TV shows

Jens is a famous intergalactic explorer and a pretty decent hide & seek player. He is small in stature, approximately the same size as a big boot or a small backpack. What he lacks in size and skill he has more than made up for with an amazing amount of bravery for someone so small. Jens was the first the Jörgit to discover the blue dot also known as planet Earth.

Dislikes the dark & getting lost.

Mikko, a scientist of wide renown, is the first science officer of the ship, and, according to himself, the ultimate authority on everything that’s rational. His theories on terra forming with the help of green houses gases were seen as groundbreaking in the science community on Jörg. He is now preparing for his biggest field research mission ever on planet Earth. He’s also really smart.

Dislikes water & being wrong.

Pekka, a Jörgit famous for ordering the whole menu just for starters, has been brought along to search out and test possible new food resources. Pekka is a 100 % omnivorous and can identify by smell alone, which foods are poisonous an which are not. In an unknown environment, Pekka can be the difference between starving and a feast.

Dislikes being hungry, being called fat & half portions.

Urho’s skills are unknown, but high command left it pretty clear that leaving him behind was not really an option. He seems to be good in a scrap due to his stoic nature and brute force. He is strong enough to break a wall, or whatever he wants if he needs to.

Dislikes nothing

Timpa, the best pilot on all of Jörg is credited for excelling at almost anything he tries his hand at, including sandwich making and the Mambo. He is flamboyant and considered to be the most handsome among the Jörgits, except by Jens who gives himself that title.

Dislikes getting his fur dirty & unkept.

Back on planet Jörg Tero had one of those jobs that officially don’t exist. He has a Top Secret file that recounts his activities, but it’s too secret to show on this site. He has been sent along to gather information on the earthlings military capabilities. Tero finds peace and quiet boring and when things get boring, Tero gets, well dangerous.

Dislikes waiting, teamwork, compromise, peace.

Jenny is a smart little 11 year old girl. She’s naturally curious and means well but has a tendency to get into trouble at school for speaking her mind and reinforcing it with force. She is a little sad since her mother died.

Dislikes seeing her dad unhappy.

Joonas is Jenny’s dad, and works as an engineer and a part time musician.The most important thing in the world to him is Jenny’s happiness. He is having a little trouble adjusting to the role of being both father and mother. Joonas is easy going, naturally curious, and quite playful.

Dislikes seeing Jenny sad.

Jenny used to think her uncle Olli was an eccentric country bumpkin, but when the Sandell family gets in trouble she changes her mind. Her uncle seems to know an awful lot about the dos and don'ts of hiding from clandestine organizations, (“Don’t log on the internet, Keep a change of clothing at all times with you”). Could her retired uncle actually be a spy master?

Dislikes people fishing without a proper license & strangers messing with the family.

Tikka 1 is a hybrid organism, part animal, part machine. She's one of the fastest ships in the Jörgit Fleet and has been trained for long range reconnaissance missions, dodging meteorites and smooth cruising through hyperspace. Tikka is fiercely loyal to the Jörgits and is willing to fly into a black hole for them and back.

Dislikes asteroid belts, meteoroid showers, black holes & Caldurian poachers.

A small number of blurry pictures show a well dressed, almost dapper man, with his face hidden behind a porcelain mask. Who is the faceless man known to the world as Kauhanen? Is he the rich, mysterious industrialist he claims to be, or an arch villain?

Dislikes unknown

The faceless minions of the mysterious K are mass produced according to urban myths and a few internet forums. They appear in their black vans and helicopters all over the world searching for something or someone. The Searchers can stretch and grow in strange ways when they attack.

Dislikes to come back empty handed.

There have been rumors for quite some time of a giant sea monster in the Gulf of Bothnia. Ships are mysteriously disappearing, ship wrecks appear with mysterious crush marks from what appears to be giant tentacles. Many brave sailors simply refuse to travel those waters during the night.

Dislikes ships

Uncle Olli claims that the giant rock creature disguised as a cliff has been a friend of the Jakobson family for generations. Nobody knows where he comes from and even Lasse himself does not remember how old he is. He may look frightening but Lasse is very gentle and kind to his friends. Just don't be around when he awakes after a decade long slumber and there is only decaffeinated coffee in sight.

Dislikes Being called old and slow

An Experiment

I should have known better. I have no one to blame but myself. I just couldn’t help it. When I think of an experiment and I have to conduct it. I’m a scientist after all and not a philosopher. So here’s what happened. I woke up around the sixth cycle with a question flashing into my brilliant mind: how powerful could Pekka’s hunger become?

More worries…

As the distance between our ship and “little blue” diminishes, the amount of variables to consider rises like an avalanche ready to destroy everything in its path.


As “little blue” draws near my brain has become more and more restless. What if my calculations are wrong and we can’t stand the gravity of this little blue planet? I mean, the calculations must be correct, but still…no Jörg has been this far away from home.


I’m not the one saying that this journey to “little blue” will grant me every scientific honor there is on our beloved Jörg…that is what every journalist back at home is saying! And they are correct by the way, what we are doing IS pretty amazing indeed.