Jörgits & the End of Winter is a novel in the tradition of Scandanavian children’s literature similar to the Moomin Trolls and Pippi Longstocking. It is a multilayered story that will appeal to both children and adults. In the story, we introduce pressing environmental issues through lovable aliens whose perspective on our world is delivered with humor and a smart cultural critique.

Learn about the characters and their environment. Interactive elements in the story allow the reader to go deeper. For example, the Helsinki City Map tracks the Jörgits’ journey through the city.

Make music while exploring a scene from the book with interactive soundscapes. The soundtrack is composed specifically for the Jörgits Indian Sonic Research Organization: electronic music for kids.

Uncover fun facts and instructions for activities outside the book. Some illustrations contain hidden content. Hint: there is a recipe for cinnamon rolls in the fourth chapter!

Explore new cultures and find the joy in traveling. Sidenotes provide extra information. What does the Jörgits’ eye colors mean? What do Finns eat to keep themselves happy during the long Northern winter? The Jörgits is first and foremost a tool for discovery.

The Jörgits & the End of Winter took two years to illustrate. There are more than fifty unique illustrations, including depictions of everything from outer space to the author’s summer cottage in Ostrobotnia in Northern Finland.