The storm

“As they arrived top side lightning flashed and lit up the sky all around them. The thunder claps grew louder and ever more violent as the storm approached. The wind roared and the sky filled up with leaves and debris.”


Concept sketching for the Jörgits India book has begu in earnest. There are lots of animals in the new story, and elephants have a particularly important role. Here are few first drawings of Bala, King of the Elephants.

Jul 15, 2014
Admin's Log

The Jörgits in Seattle

My little lovable aliens are finding their way into new homes. Here’s a picture by Allison K from Seattle. It’s wonderful to see something that you’ve made go out into the world.

Jun 5, 2014
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Jörgits Dancing

We’re working on concept for a dancing game with the Jörgits. You can check out the concept video that we’ve created for the game here. The lovely model playing the game is none other than our good friend Colleen Flynn.

Jun 3, 2014
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The End of Winter is Shipping

I’m excited to announce that The End of Winter has been shipped to our Kickstarter Backers. If you want one – drop us a mail on our contact page.

Jun 2, 2014
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New Illustrations

I’ve had a lot fun designing new illustrations for our printed edition of the book. Here’s one that I’ve titled “Road Trip”. It takes place when the Jörgits and our human friends flee Helsinki, to travel to the Sandell’s summer cottage in Jakobstad.

Nov 14, 2013
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We’re preparing for another Kickstarter. The images that you see in our posts are from our video shoot – a whirlwind two day long exercise in finding interesting backdrops in which to show the book. It’s not too hard in colorful Mysore.

Nov 14, 2013
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Find us on Medium

There’s a new platform for writers that I’m trying out. It’s called Medium. As a first post I decided to publish the first chapter of the Jörgits. I thought it would be nice for people who don’t have an iPad yet to at least get a taste of the book.


We went to the movies this weekend. During a scary moment I got a little too excited and jumped up in the air, miscalculating my aerial backflip I ended up head first in the popcorn container. It was VERY embarrassing and now my fur smells like melted butter.

May 29, 2013
Jens' Log

Exploring around the apartment

Sometimes when I’m supposed be out exploring the world I end up finding things around the apartment instead. This morning for example, I found a box of stuff in Jenny’s room (really – I wasn’t snooping at all, I’m just naturally curious). It was filled with an earthling invention called TOYS.


I’m writing this as I sit in the Frankfurt airport waiting for a flight to Helsinki. My flight was delayed – yet again. Air travel used to be so glamorous, what’s happened to our world? But enough about the rantings of an old spook, there has been another Searcher sighting, this time in Istanbul.

The Event

Early this morning the black lines were filled with chatter; reports were coming in from colleagues all over the world of an “event” in Southern Finland. The event occurred approximately at 5.59 (Finnish time); ground zero, two clicks away from central Helsinki in the archipelago.

Look! A time machine!

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