Underneath the Sea

Our ship has crashed; there was an incident aboard the ship involving the Gonder Jörg known as Pekka. I will not go too deeply into it now, but in the future we need to develop standard procedures for how Gonder Jörgs are fed upon awaking from hypersleep, otherwise we could face more incidents of this kind in the future.

The Blue Dot

Early this morning, the little explorer Jens awoke me. He had woken up earlier than the others so he would be the first to see little blue, or the “blue dot” as he called it. In my excitement in hearing the news, I didn’t even take time to brush my fur (so I look a little less dignified in the picture that Tikka’s deck recorder captured of this historic moment) or take notice of my paws moving over the cold floor.

The Jörgits Have Landed

Early this morning the Jörgits’ ship Tikka 1 made her final approach towards Earth. They have landed. The Jörgits is now for sale in the iTunes Store. TANK & BEAR would like to thank our project team and our backers for making this a reality.

Vacation Plans

I’ve continued to follow the reports of a foreign object drawing ever closer to our planet. It’s quite small. Some astronomers theorize that it is an asteroid that has somehow broken loose from a larger object such as a comet – I have my doubts.

The Curious Phenomenon of the “Searchers”

For quite some time I have been tracking the activities of a shadowy organization; an organization so secret that it does not appear to have a name. Or perhaps I just haven’t discovered it yet. They’re everywhere and yet nowhere at the same time.


Gonders Jörgs can really be the pits sometimes. I woke up right in the middle of the bestest nap to find the lid of my sleeping pod covered in drool. The sound of Pekka’s tongue moving across glass was probably what woke me. I felt sleepy enough to ignore it (though it was super gross), but then I remembered my stash of Blimblims*.

An Experiment

I should have known better. I have no one to blame but myself. I just couldn’t help it. When I think of an experiment and I have to conduct it. I’m a scientist after all and not a philosopher. So here’s what happened. I woke up around the sixth cycle with a question flashing into my brilliant mind: how powerful could Pekka’s hunger become?


The long hibernations before landing on a planet are always hard to bear. The closer we get to our landing the more I begin to toss and turn. I wake up constantly to check on the state of the ship.

Searcher 9282c-b2d

Something BIG is brewing these days, I can feel it in my hat. Everywhere around me things are springing into action: teams are being assembled, briefs are being distributed.

The Space Flu

It turns out that my worst enemy isn’t a Caldurian Poacher or nest full of Zimdims. I woke up this morning sneezing and coughing. Despite being impervious to trampling, smashing, bites, gashes, slicing, dicing, acid baths, lasotron blasts, lava, and being digested by Pekka, I was laid low by the common Space Flu.


What time is it? Are we there yet? Oh, we’re still far away, we haven’t even reached Kuiper belt yet. What a relief! I keep having nightmares that I don’t wake up in time to discover “little blue” first, and the others end up having lots of fun without me. It would be super unfair if Mikko discovers the planet first!

More worries…

As the distance between our ship and “little blue” diminishes, the amount of variables to consider rises like an avalanche ready to destroy everything in its path.


As “little blue” draws near my brain has become more and more restless. What if my calculations are wrong and we can’t stand the gravity of this little blue planet? I mean, the calculations must be correct, but still…no Jörg has been this far away from home.

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