Controversial Theories: The Pyramids are actually giant four sided dices

If you are right all the time, maybe you are just using the same experiment over and over

Aliens on Earth! And this is how the press reacts!

That’s how we, aliens, roll!

In the future people will laugh when they tell them what we teach today in physics class

I don’t really like competing that much… I’m much more into winning

If you wait a while, the gadgets you have today will become garbage, but if you wait a lot they will become antiques!

Not every intergalactic pilot has killer dance moves, that’s just me!

A mathematician is someone who considers logical solving equations in 16 dimensions

Spoiler Alert: The couple in the cover of the romantic comedy movie will end up together

If you don’t have a personal opinion, is socially acceptable to retweets somebody else’s

As it turns out, a toilet paper is a horrible place to start a journal

The quantum world is where reality goes to take a holiday

The best thing of Earth? The fact that every salad has a personal name! So helpful and classy

The auto-pilot function of any ship cannot bring the coolness a real pilot has, so why bother?

Time travelling is pretty easy, the hard part is rewinding

Failed Experiment #12: Beet flavored bubble gum

The best thing about Earth? Giant mirrors in every bathroom!

The mute button on the TV is useful for when you are lonely and want to play charades

The infinite monkey theorem requieres also an infinite supply of bananas

More useless than powdered water

I wonder if a MACROwave would heat stuff even faster

If happiness does not grow on trees… then where does chocolate come from????

Today I explained to @PekkaJorgit what fasting was and he laughed for 56 minutes

Failed experiment: If you mix ice and cream on a blender you do not get ice-cream, just freezing cream juice

Sometimes when I’m supposed to be out discovering the world, I end up getting distracted by things in the apartment:

An alarm clock is actually a robotic rooster

Look! A time machine!

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