Coffee tastes like energy mixed with dirt. Another brilliant crop from earth!

After some careful investigation I discovered that at least 3 conspiracy theories involving aliens are actually correct!

According to our food expert @PekkaJorgit everything on Earth is edible, washing machines and used sneakers included

Okay, may be hot coco, is my second favorite thing. Cinnamon rolls are even better.

My new favorite thing the (known) universe is hot coco. The only bad part is when the whip cream get’s caught in my whiskers.

I had the whole situation under control. The Earthling’s didn’t even suspect that they were in fact my hostages the whole time.

We’re being chased by large number of men out on the ice. They don’t seem too friendly.

The Earthlings’ metropolis has many, many lights in it, and very big buildings. It’s beautiful.

We’ve entered an Earthling dwelling in the hopes of finding the Elder Jörg.

I’m considering whether or not to destroy the Earthling Metropolis, just to show them we mean business, you know?

I’m cold and wet and tired of adventuring. My fur feels soggy. I want to go back to the ship.

We have tracked the Elder Jörg distress call into the Earthling Metropolis. We have evaded contact so far under the cover of darkness.

Stop whatever you are doing. It’s time to SEARCH 60.17083°N 24.93750°E

No block of ice must be left unturned 60.17083°N 24.93750°E

Our ship has crashed! We’re trapped deep below the sea. Read this log to find out more:

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right… I’ve got this ufo crashing under my control! Zoning as we fall!

I’ve got this, OK?!? I’VE GOT THIS. Just STOP PANICKING… OK?!?!? STOP PANICKING!!!!!!!!!

(Code_translation_emergency_procedures): POWER FAILURE

I don’t think it’s my ego talking, but in the future people will describe mind-blowing discoveries as “MIKKONIAN” 


The planet is beautiful. It’s blue in color. Look at all the green bellow us.

Getting those brakes ready: Little blue here I come!

Having fur is like having a coat fashioned by nature herself

Shooting stars are actually meteorites into that illegal racing stuff

Landing a faster-than-light spaceship and still looking good? That’s how an amazing space pilot does it!

Rainbows are nature’s way of being kitsch

Space food is so bad that you start thinking of tooth paste as dessert after a while

When it doubt – bite! Then ask questions.

TikkaShip@ initiate wake-up protocols in T minus 168 hours.

Send a squadron to Sector 12.

Travelling through space is awesome until the question ARE WE THERE YET starts to pop up

Variables are just constants with personality crisis

6 out of 7 beings will find this extremly awesome

The hits just keep on coming

There is a 76% chance that people will be convinced by your argument if you use a statistic while saying it.

Okay, Okay, I admit it, I’m only really tweeting to collect more friends, but is that so bad? @MikkoJorgit has over 2400, and I only have…

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